When Daddy Leaves.

Brendon is on a business trip until Wednesday. He's been gone less than 48 hours. But I think Lilleigh detects his disappearance and doesn't like it. Here's the play by play of our weekend thus far.

Both today and yesterday she decided to take naps half the length of her normal naps. Personally, I'm was fine with it. But that means she's more likely to be cranky. Not okay.

Despite her short naps, Lilleigh was okay yesterday. So I decided to brave it and take her with me to our Young Couples cook out for the first hour (6-7 PM - nothing crazy). She was happy in the car. Great. But the moment we walked in the door, she started crying. And each time someone greeted her, she burst into tears... starting with the "oooooh" and {enter the loud cry}. Lovely. I stayed long enough to eat. I had come all that way, might as well. Fun times.

Then bath time went terribly awry this evening. I've heard mommas talk about their babies making little "floaties" in the water. I remember my sister, specifically, doing this, mainly because we shared a bathtub and I was always disgusted to use it after such an occurrence! So this was like that. Only not. It was breastmilk poop. Which means it's not solid. It makes the water look like a yellow grenade went off. I spared you all from photos.

Oh, joy! Daddy, please come home soon!


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