7 Months

Lilleigh is 7 months old!!!

Lil at 7 months...
  • She sits up great! Though she isn't catching herself when she falls, she doesn't fall as often. This is a great age. Not mobile but independent enough that I can sit her on the floor with toys, and she's golden. Totally enjoying it.
  • Reaching when she's sitting. No crawling. Not even close. But I wonder if she'll crawl from reaching, rather than from playing on her tummy.
  • She's making syllables... da-da, ba-ba, ma-ma. So fun!!
  • Her sippy cup is her favorite toy. And she sorta drank milk from it. Just a bit, but it's a start!
  • Solids: Apple, sweet potato, peas, squash, zucchini, chicken (shredded), avocado, tomato (cut up really small), tangerine (suck on it), watermelon.
  • This does mean her poop has changed. (Sorry, Dad. I had to say it. But really, you're the only one who complains! Everyone else laughs. :) For those of you interested in cloth diapers, I've been experimenting with rice paper liners. So far I like them, but I've been hesitant to use them at home because our pipes are so old. They'll be great for travel though. 
  • We moved Lilleigh up to her big girl car convertible seat! We inherited a Britax Advocate from my sister. (It's a beast of a car seat, but gotta love Britax!) And I had planned to buy another Britax, possibly the Roundabout, at the BabiesRUs trade-in event. I had done a lot of research and studied Baby Bargains, but I went in with an open mind. I'm glad I did! I ended up buying the Evenflo Symphony, which we LOVE! It is slightly more reclined that the Britax, and I can see a difference in how comfortable Lilleigh is. (No crying when she tries to sleep.) Plus it's way cuter. And it has a cup holder. Same rating in Baby Bargains as the Roundabout. 
  • Size 6-9 month clothes. 6 month dresses. 9 month rompers or pants... she's tall. Still middle snap of cloth diapers. Size 3 disposables.
  • She still loves sleeping on her tummy. And though she does struggle at times to get back onto her back, I have seen her roll! She can do it as long as she stays calm. But when she gets worked up, it's all downhill.
I know there's lots more I could say, but that's all I can think of for now!


  1. what a cutie! Love those pictures!! So fun that she's talking and putting syllables together!


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