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My Thankfully Thrifty blog was hacked. That's the short of this. It's going to be ridiculously expensive to salvage. While there are things I could do to rectify it possibly, they are all very tedious and lengthy. I may still do them, but at the moment I am having new thoughts... thoughts about starting something new.

It makes me sad to think about ending the deal-finding missions of Thankfully Thrifty but relieved too. It's a lot of pressure to post each day. And I've been debating and praying about this for awhile. I'm not sure hacking is an answered prayer, but I think God is using it to direct me.

I love blogging too much to just stop. Which brings me to my next idea. Something that includes a lot of what I love about Thankfully Thrifty, minus each and every deal. Something fun, where I can post often without being limited to thriftiness - though let's be honest, that will naturally flow out because it's ingrained in me.

There's still a lot I would want to keep from Thankfully Thrifty, such as Freebie Friday, Hyatti (the glimpses into my life), Mailbox Monday, and menu planning posts. These are all great ways I save money - well except for Hyatti which is just fun. I will continue to share our journey with finances - how we negotiate, how much we save with cloth diapers, etc. But the list would extend beyond thriftiness. Sometimes I'd share my heart on different issues. Sometimes I'd share clever new uses for things. Other times great Pinterest ideas or crafts I've made. There'd be posts on our raw food adventures too. And with all of this, I'd have freedom to not post one day, to be away from my computer and have that be okay. The time-sensitivity of the deal-finding was wearing on me. So this could be a great new start. I think it'll be a lot of what my blog was evolving into, just without the deal-finding that it was based on.

With this change I'd be giving up a lot of the way I make money blogging, at least at this point, but I think that's a good change. It would also free up my time and allow me to focus on what I'm passionate about - not "print these coupons" or "buy this". I don't blog for money. It's a perk, but it's not my motivation.

And just to clarify, this blog will stay as it is. I love having a blog that friends and family can read to catch up on our lives. I don't do this with Thankfully Thrifty because that blog (like any new one I would start) is for the public... so on there I write things interesting for all. Here I write about us since it's mostly just friends and family reading it. 

That said, I'd love your feedback on any of this. Good idea? Bad Idea? Anything you like about Thankfully Thrifty or don't like that you can tell me so I know how to continue heading forward.

And for you creative friends, do you have any good blog names for me? Topics... faith, family, organic and raw foods, thriftiness of course, and more... I don't want to be limited by my name the way I kinda am now. I'm not opposed to something with "mom" (or a version of it) in the title, but it'd have to be catchy... I'm always trying to be careful not to base my identity (as a person and blogger) in mothering.

Thanks for any feedback!


  1. So sorry your other blog got hacked! I am horrible at thinking of blog names, but I'm excited to hear what you come up with!

  2. That stinks! I definitely see the benefit to relieving the pressure of having to deal find and post things by certain times. If you especially enjoy finding deals, then I would say keep at it, but it sounds like you really just want a place to post about things you are passionate about. I say go for the new blog. I will think about name ideas for you. Oh, and you were asking to see pics of our house. I finally posted some. We should chat soon!

  3. Faith, food, and frugal finds. Just a thought.

  4. Ok, don't laugh at me. This just popped into my head, and maybe it will spark another idea for you: An Apple A Day, Ashleigh's Way :) (With a subtitle something like my other recommendation.) Sorry if this is just too out there! But you asked for ideas, so here you go!


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