Two Roosters.

So it turns out that out of our four laying hens, we have two roosters. Queeny and Ida May. This explain a lot - like why the two of them sometimes go at it. And why we don't have eggs. (The heat and the fact that they have not been mature until now also explains that.)

My neighbor was watching them this weekend while we were in Houston for Labor Day (pics from the weekend to come), and she texted saying she heard cockadoodling! Don't get me wrong, cockadoodling IS loud, but when the rooster are inside the coop and we are inside our house, you can't hear it. Outside you hear it, but it doesn't wake one up or anything. Thankfully. Otherwise I'm sure we would have gotten a letter from the city already. They do that sorta thing.

Needless to say, Queeny and Ida May will be finding new homes. I'm tempted to say we should eat them. But I don't want to have to pluck their feathers. Or kill them. Queeny is too pretty for that... I'm actually sad we have to get rid of her.

Just goes to show that everyone we talked to was right - it is very hard to tell a rooster from a hen. You just have to watch and wait. Fingers crossed our replacements will be hens!

For your entertainment, a video of them cockadoodling! It's very funnny. Worth the watch.


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