4 Months!

Lilleigh is 4 months! And as of 4 months, Lilleigh...
  • Has been on 8 airplanes and been to 4 different states - Texas (duh!), Colorado, Arizona (airport - brief layover), and California. And she's done really well on every plane ride, being careful not to disturb the other passengers. This was her intent I'm sure...
  • Laughs A LOT! She loves it when I give her lots of kisses! She also likes it when I pretend to eat her hands.
  • Rolled over... once. I prop her arms up underneath her to help her lift herself up and give her the idea that being on her tummy isn't so bad. And one time she actually held herself up for a couple second and then rolled over. She hasn't done it since, but once is enough!
  • Grown lots of hair! You may not see it. But I see it! After she lost her hair, I was so distraught. I'm thrilled that she's getting hair back! It's pretty light (dirty blonde, I'd say), so it's sometimes hard to see. But it's there!
  • Gone back and forth between sleeping through the night and waking up at 4 AM. Still, one quick wake up at 4 AM isn't bad. I'll take it.
  • Wears size 3-6 month (and just plain 6 month) clothes.
  • Went from a size 1 to a size 2 diaper. And in her cloth diapers, we moved up a snap.
  • Swam for the first time.
  • Continues to "talk" up a storm!
  • Started pulling Mommy's hair - hard. Ow.
  • Become more efficient at nursing. She still likes to take her time sometimes, but she can be quick now.

In just the past couple weeks, we have started using the exersaucer, and she loves it!


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