Pouring Out the Wine

Sunday night Hubs and I did this.

This is what was left.

Five empty wine bottles.

I'm tired of alcohol ruining the lives of wonderful, well-meaning people. Of believers even. I'm tired of it ruining their families' lives too.

On Sunday night, my husband and I decided we had enough. I boxed up our wine glasses. Then we took the rest of our wine stash and dumped it. I'm sure our friends would have loved to have these bottles, but for this one night, I didn't care about "being resourceful, not wasteful." I just wanted to take a stand against alcohol. Our house is now a dry house.

This doesn't mean we won't have a drink at a wedding or family event. It just means that we will no longer keep alcohol in our home. After what I have seen with my brother and good friends, I don't want my family, my child, or even myself to be around alcohol. I don't want our friends to have access to it when they come over. We're through.


  1. Way to take a stand. Alcohol has ruined the lives of many people in our families (mine and my husbands) so we have chosen not to drink at all. Our choice also stems from our religious beliefs. it's not easy but totally worth it.

  2. Wow. That's a bold statement. I'm sorry your family was so hurt by what alcohol and drugs can do. It's easy for me to forget that lives can be ruined.

  3. Way to go to you and your hubby. My husband has always had this mindset and I have definitely taken his side on this once we discussed exactly what you mentioned...that it just doesn't have anything positive linked to it. Once I really reflected on that, I was right with him. We, as well, are a dry house and always will be.

  4. Ditto the comments.....we are a dry house too. Seen too much.


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