I know what you're thinking... Traveling AGAIN! What are they thinking doing so much traveling with an infant? I had this same thought last Thursday morning before we boarded our plane - well, planeS - to San Diego. We've done more traveling in the last month than we've done in the past year... maybe two! Lilleigh is only four months only, but she has been on EIGHT planes!

The occasion for such insanity? One of my good friends from college got married! In Irvine. That's reason enough to go. But it helps that Hubby's aunt and uncle also live in San Diego. Plus we had air miles my dad had gifted us a couple Christmases ago. ...All the signs were pointing to GO! So we went. And we had a blast!

After the lack of naps (and thus, down time for Mommy) on our last trip, I was a little worried for this one. So in preparation for California, and after learning from our Colorado trip, I gave Lilleigh plenty of practice napping in her crib! She's been used to napping in her swing. (When a baby takes 3 - sometimes 4 - hour long naps in their swing, you let them swing!) It was actually convenient timing because pretty soon after our return from Colorado, Lil actually stopped napping as long in her swing and started actually sleeping for around an hour per nap in her crib, as opposed to 20 minutes, which is what she had been doing. So the transition was pretty natural. And now she'll actually nap for a couple of hours (if I'm lucky) in her crib! But I digress... my point was that I was preparing her for California by having her nap in her crib. And it paid off! She napped well while in Cali!

Not only did my baby nap well, but she slept well! I fed her each afternoon at 4 PM and put her in bed at 5 PM... crazy, right? I didn't bother changing her from Texas time. That just seemed unnecessary to me. I was prepared to get up with her at 4 AM to feed her and then try put her down again to get her to sleep until at least 5:30 AM. But guess what? My babe slept until 6:45 AM Cali time! That's 8:45 AM Texas time!! Yes, that's a whopping 14 hours of sleep! Has she done this since we returned? No. But now that I know she can, I just added "Hang dark curtains in Lilleigh's room" on my Honey Do list!

Needless to say, Lilleigh sleeping well greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the trip! We met up with friends, spent time with Brendon's aunt, uncle, and cousin, hung out on the beach, and attended the wedding. And a noteworthy mention - Lilleigh had quite the blow out! Blow out aside, if California wasn't so gosh darn expensive, I'd totally move there! Brendon's aunt and uncle practically have an orchard in their backyard! Oranges, cuties, lemons, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries. I want that. I am already planning our next trip to Cali!

Photos of our trip...

Us with the bride and groom at the beach party on Thursday night

Lil's first time at the beach

Lilleigh got to meet my sweet friend Courtney!

Kiss sandwich!
Lilleigh's first "dip" in the ocean. Funny that it was the Pacific and not the Gulf...

Uncle Al found part of a lobster.
Us with the Dudley at the wedding
The Phelpses' first dance
As you can see, we had an awesome time in California! But I am glad to be home. I'm exhausted! While this trip was a success, I am happy to say that it's our last big trip for awhile. I'm looking forward to a summer at home!


  1. I need tips on how to go from swing to crib for naps! HUT is growing out of his swing and I am so scared for what's to come. Next week when I'm on vacation we're going to make the big transition.

  2. Looks like so much fun! You are such an inspiration to me with all your traveling with an infant. We plan on doing the same thing...thankfully, I'm learning through you that it CAN and SHOULD be done if possible! :D What great memories as a family!

    And might I add that she is absolutely adorable. I LOVE her little chunky arms in that one picture of your friend holding her. Nothing is better than baby rolls! :) What a doll y'all created!

  3. You look great, Ash! Lilleigh is looking so beautiful as she grows up. Can't put my finger on who I think she looks like more, though... Beautiful wedding, too!

  4. Looks like you had an awesome time! I'm so glad Lil slept well for you too. You know the woes I'm having over here, lol! And you are brave, very brave for traveling!


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