Mommy Lessons - Month 4

The first post of Mommy Lessons that I did got such a good response that I thought I'd do another! So here it is - from the first four months!

  1. Babies progressively drool more and more as they get closer to getting their teeth in! Around 2 months, Lil started drooling. At 3 months, I'd say she drooled a lot. Last week I said she drooled much more than at 3 months. Today she has drooled much more than last week. Her shirt is soaked. It's our 3rd outfit. No idea when those teeth will appear - could be tomorrow, could be two months. Who knows.
  2. Bibs are a must. Like I said, drool-central.
  3. Spit up and drool are directly related. As drooling increases and teething approaches, spit up also increases! That's my experience at least.
  4. While we're talking about teething, let me mention this: teething diaper rash. Apparently not every baby gets it. It might be because she's drooling so much. It might be because her hands are constantly in her mouth and she's touched something germy. Whatever it is, her poop is ACIDIC! I've talked to other moms who have experienced this. (And those who haven't.) But if babies sit in this acidic poop for too long, they get sores on their bum. Not good. Lil got these about two months ago. It was awful. She woke up in the middle of the night crying, so I put her in a disposable diaper and COVERED her bottom in ointment. It took a week to go away! Today she woke up from nap never went to sleep for nap because of this same issue. Not good. It's heartbreaking.
  5. That whole rolling over at four months thing only happens (usually) if you're good about tummy time. So don't fret. Lil has rolled once. It was most likely an accident. To help her, I prop her arms up underneath her when she's on her tummy. This helps give her the idea that she doesn't have to be lying down with her face in her mat. She is happier because she can look around. And surely soon she'll realize she can flip herself.
  6. That bald spot on the back of your baby's head? All babies get it. It's called "the good baby bald spot." It means they're content to lie on their back and chill. Now the content part may not be true because like I said, all babies get it!
  7. Trimming a baby's fingernails with your teeth is the easiest and safest way to trim their baby nails. Since their nails are like tissue paper, it's pretty effortless.
  8. Cloth diapers are so not a big deal. More on cloth diapering here.
  9. A dark nursery enhances baby's sleep. Blinds, check. Curtains, check.
  10. Tired of feeling that baby weight? Two words for you: Jumping Jacks. A friend of mine told me she does 500 a day, and that's why she thinks she lost her baby weight so quickly. Well, I haven't found time to get to 500 a day. But I've made it to 250. I do them 50 at a time. I actually need to get back in the groove of my jumping jacks. Our recent travels threw me off.
  11. Baby weight does come off. I was beginning to doubt. But I'm making progress!
  12. Kisses on Lilleigh's neck and checks gets Mommy big smiles and lots of giggles!
  13. Read, read, read! Babies may not understand your exact words, but they are listening. Their little brains are like sponges, absorbing more and more each day. It was two days after we started reading The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name to Lilleigh that she started "talking." This book, unlike many books geared towards babies, actually has a story line for her to track with. We read other books as well, but this was our first one to start reading.
  14. Daddies need to have their special time with the baby too. My hubby took to storytime with Lilleigh. She loves having him read to her. I think she loves his deep voice. Plus she doesn't get distracted knowing there's food around...
  15. Babies have a lot of STUFF. Period.
  16. Always have a spare outfit in the diaper bag. Wondering why? Read this post.
  17. A baby does in fact mean there will be less time for your dog. It just does. I was a skeptic. I thought nothing could ever come between Sammy and me. Then came Lilleigh. It doesn't mean I don't love my dog. I'm convinced she's the best dog in the entire world. I still try to walk her daily (though the Texas heat is kinda killing that...) and give her lots of pets and treats. But I can tell she feels neglected. Thankfully she's super sweet with Lilleigh, which makes my life a lot easier.
  18. Having two blogs and a baby is a little much. Not sure what I'm going to do when baby #2 comes along. This blog thing has been a constant battle in my mind. Of course, this blog isn't going anywhere. And the baby definitely isn't going anywhere!!! But Thankfully Thrifty is a little time-consuming... I'm NOT calling it quits! I love blogging and my deals and money-saving ways too much. But if you have any ideas on how to balance life as a mommy and blogging, be my guest... please tell me!
  19. There's not one "right way" to do things. Really. I've been brought up to know right from wrong, black from white. No gray. But parenting is different. Okay so there are clearly some wrong ways to do things! I won't go there. Surely you know what I mean.  But there are lots of RIGHT ways to do things. Lots. And what's right for one parent, family, or child is not always right for the next. So I'm learning to keep my mouth shut. Decide what is best for you, your family, and your baby. Then do it.
  20. Every day gets better. Every stage is more fun than the last. Have fun with it.
Your turn. What have your babe(s) taught you?


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