Wouldn't Ya Know?

Because after 6 months, I STILL could not wear my wedding ring, Brendon got me this pretty ring to wear in the meantime!

I LOVE it! I love that it's simple yet has a wedding ring feel to it. I wore it proudly for five whole days... until yesterday, when my new ring started to feel a little loose. I know what you're thinking, "You must be joking, right?" Nope. Not kidding.

Funny that after 6 months, my wedding ring now fits. And overnight too. Is it bad that I am wishing I could fit into my new ring, rather than my actual wedding ring? Hmm...

At least I'm prepared for pregnancy (and post-pregnancy) #2...


  1. aw, so sweet of your hubby! my rings are starting to get a little snug on my finger, and I'm dreading not being able to wear them! Glad yours fit now and you have something special for the next round! ;)


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