Lil Swimming!

I forgot to share photos for Lil going swimming! She's been a couple times now. She doesn't seem to mind the water, but she doesn't splash around in it either. Still warming up!

We are starting swim lessons on Tuesday. Of course, they aren't really swim lessons at this age. They're more just to help her become comfortable in the water and learn to float on her back! How cool is that?


Fat baby in a little swim shirt...
Okay but really, this shirt is supposedly 12.5-18 lbs. She's 14 lbs. I'm thinking this brand runs seriously small.


  1. LOL! We almost bought that too, but I'm glad we didn't b/c A is almost 14lbs as well. Lil looks awfully cute though. Where are you taking her for lessons?

    I'm loving your header!

  2. Wow, a floating 4 month old! That's a sight to see!!

  3. haha. Love the pictures of her. How great that you're already getting her used to the water!


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