Baby Weight Update!

My update isn't exactly about my "weight loss." Since I did my happy dance two weeks ago, I have not lost any weight. Not according to the scale anyway. I still have 12 lbs to go. Buuuut.... I can now wear my pre-pregnancy jeans! It's been almost exactly 4 months since having Lilleigh (4 month update to come), and I admit that I was starting to think this moment would never come. But it did! Just like people said it would.

I actually had just recently decided I was going to return the Gap 1969 jeans that I got for free in the fall. I figured I'd get a pair of in-between jeans. So I tried them on before going to the mall - just to give myself a ballpark size that I should start trying jeans on in. And voila! They fit over my thighs... and then my butt... and then they zipped! I couldn't believe it!

So no, I have not lost any more weight. But my old jeans magically fit again! Yea! Those 12 lbs will come off. I'm not worried. I'm just thrilled to have pants that fit again! I guess those jumping jacks are paying off!!


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