Bill #4294

Many Americans don't realize it, but there are lies in the textbooks... more than the evolution debate. There are blatant lies that no one would debate. (i.e. That children everywhere now salute the planet, not America... really, when did that happen? Or that Reagan only helped the rich, not the poor. Hmmm... I smell an agenda here.) Despite the fact that these lies get published by liberal, wacko publishers, Texas is now approving a bill to give the publishers (not the tax payers) the final say as to what is printed in these textbooks, which are being used to teach children!!! Seeing as Texas is one of the largest purchasers of textbooks, what we allow does matter. (Seriously, Texas has a huge say in the textbook industry. We buy way more than other states.)

Sign the petition for Governor Perry to veto this awful bill. Want to do more? You can also call Governor Perry and ask him to veto this AWFUL bill that the House ignorantly passed. The number is 512-463-2000, and the fax is 512-463-1849. It is bill #4294. Basically, all you need to say is that we don't want the publishers to be the ones in charge of the content in textbooks being used to teach our children. The tax payers need to have a role in this as well. Representation!


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