Mommy Mixer

Last night I attended a Mommy Mixer, where moms can meet babysitters. I figure I could use something to do over the random weeks I don't have summer class, and extra money is always good!

We did have to sign some weird disclaimer that we wouldn't share information of Mommy Mixer (the company) with others. So I feel like I can't say a lot... seems kinda lame. But all in all, it was an interesting event. I don't know how many babysitting jobs I'll get out of it. It seemed like there were a lot of moms wanting sitters for evening or the school year, and I just need something for summer! I'm sure it's great for the moms though because they leave with a whole list of babysitters that they have actually met and know all about. (They get copies of our resumes.) That said, it was kind-of awkward. It was basically like Rush all over again. I hated Rush. But I mean if you want a babysitting job (regular or occasional), then it's totally worth going. Just brace yourself for awkwardness.


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