Frugal Friday, a day late

I can't really seem to get timing down for this... I finished my one week class yesterday. Then my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came up for a quick visit. We all walked in, only to find that our AC broke AGAIN. They came to fix it immediately after my mother-in-law talked to them! Ha. Things are good for the moment!

Now, on to Frugal Friday...

Sometime last year I joined a yahoo group called North Dallas Freecycle. Essentially it's a group where members give away free (and only free) items.

I have listed several things I no longer have had a use for on there. And it's great because a) the item gets a new life, and b) someone comes and picks it up from you - front porch pick up usually.

You can also request items on there. For example, you could request a bowling ball. Maybe someone just happens to have a bowling ball sitting around that they never use. They can respond and give it to you. It's really neat. I have only requested items a few times. And I've only had luck a couple of those times.

This last time I requested a food dehydrator. I have always thought it would be neat to try drying my own fruits, jerky, fruit roll-ups, etc. but not really sure if it was worth buying one. Anyway, someone responded! I picked it up earlier this week, and it is actually one of the dehydrators I had read great reviews about on Amazon - yea! I tested it earlier this week. Yummy!

The group is def worth checking out - even if you only end up giving things away.


  1. Oh yay - you got a dehydrator! Now you have to make me yummy stuff - haha!


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