Sammy's Story

Once we got a house, Brendon and I knew we wanted to adopt a dog from a rescue. Both of Brendon's dogs growing up had (are - still alive) from rescues, and they are just the sweetest dogs. Both of my dogs growing up came from a free litter of puppies outside PetSmart... sorta rescues, I suppose. Rescues tend to make great dogs because they are so grateful to have a home... that's our philosophy anyway.

We knew we wanted an Australian Shepherd because they are super smart (rated #1) and super cute. So we started checking Second Time Around Aussie Rescue's website to see available dogs. When Sammy came up, we knew she was a fit. She's only a year to year and a half, so still pretty much a puppy. She had not been abused (huge qualifier for us, seeing as we want the dog to be good with people and kids). She's good with kids and loves, loves, loves people. And the fact that she's calmer than most Aussies (who are known for having a ton of energy) sealed the deal for us!

Sammy and her sister were found at a kill shelter - how sad! Apparently a breeder in Kansas had bred a bunch of Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, and then left them - pretty much neglected - in his backyard. Eventually he took them to the kill shelter (how cruel), where thankfully STAAR picked the Aussies up. Sammy actually has a rope burn scar on her back right paw. And she doesn't know how to play with her toys... I'm sure until she came to live with us she hadn't even seen a toy.

It's a sad story, but on a more cheerful note, this week marks Sammy's 4-month adoption anniversary! As you can see, we absolutely adore this pup! She's such a cuddle-bug, and when she's not cuddling with you, she's like velcro, sitting next to you waiting to cuddle. Even though she hasn't learned to play with her toys, she has gotten so much better at socializing with other dogs and now loves to play! Sometimes her herding instinct will come out too, and she'll try to herd dogs, which typically is not appreciated. But it's hilarious to watch!

I can see now why people with pets live longer. Life is just so much better with them! I pretty much treat her as my child. Sammy has been such a blessing to us. I am so thankful for her.


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