Trip to Houston

This weekend we went to Houston for Brendon's sister (Meredith)'s high school graduation! Brendon's grandparents and aunt were all in town for the occasion, so it was fun to get to see everyone.

Going to Houston is always eventful because we have so much family, but we managed to see everyone! We even got to see my Tita, who was bit on Thursday by a copperhead snake! Crazy! We brought her dinner Friday night though, which was great. We also were able to make it by a friend's couples wedding shower, which was awesome, because we miss being able to see friends when we go in town!

And sweet Sammy actually played with Meredith's dog, Oliver. I was such a proud puppy mommy! Sammy hasn't been the most social around other dogs, but every time we went to Brendon's mom's house this past weekend, she initiated playtime with Oliver! And I think she's worn out because when I got up this morning for class at 6 am, I fed Sammy, but she didn't eat her food! She went back to bed with Brendon. Haha. Sweet girl!

Here are some pics from the weekend...


  1. What fun! I'm glad Sammy is playing better with others :) Also, Isaac does actually work for his internship. It didn't use to be like that because they did just try to wine and dine them, but with the economy down they are utilizing the clerks. It is good because it gaves Isaac good experience because he is researching laws and writing memos (some to be presented in court), but it also kind of stinks because so far he has been working like a dog! He got up at 8 yesterday and worked until after midnight last night on work stuff. Hopefully it will settle down a bit soon!


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