Home ownership... There's always something.

People told us when we bought our house, "There's always something when it comes to home ownership." Always another home-improvement project or a repair project.

Anyway this past Monday our AC went out - in the hottest week Dallas has seen this year. Awesome. Actually it appears that our indoor AC unit is new, but the outdoor unit (not sure what it's called?) is what has been acting up. Luckily, our house is still under the home warranty, so we called them.

The pro about warranty is hopefully you don't have to pay for the fix. The con is they can take forever to come out, and they don't even guarantee they'll fix the problem. It depends on if the deem the issue fixable. And if they do fix it, it's a cheap fix. But it is a fix.

Anyway, the warranty company finally came out today, and now, after 48 hours of sweating, our AC is fixed! Yea! They didn't replace the outdoor unit, which would have been ideal, but they fixed it. Better than nothing, right? Regardless, I am feeling pleasantly cool now.

So that fix was maybe at 3 this afternoon. Then this evening, storms here have been insane. Brendon was actually out scouting out sites for filming, so Sammy and I were hanging out at home, just us, when the tornado sirens started blaring. They went off twice in a 20-minute time period. I felt silly, but I was panicking. What do you do in a tornado? We went and hung out in the hallway, where they aren't any windows ...just in case.

Fitting the title of this blog and the them of our week perfectly, the storm broke our neighbors' tree in half. It fell on our fence and garage. Luckily it doesn't appear to have done any damage. We'll deal with that tomorrow, once the storm is over.

Despite our double-hit this week, we've had good luck... AC fixed for the small price of the $60 warranty deductible, and no damage from the tree. Nonetheless, there's always something.


  1. Oh man! I should have called you last night! Isaac had this long work dinner (he didn't get home until 10:30 and I was panicking). I had gone home early from work with a migraine and I had my PJ's on. I figured I should put on real clothes in the event there actually was a tornado hit. I put my purse and blankets and flashlight in the closet so Jane and I could quickly get in there if needed while I kept the TV on in the living room. I charged up my phone and then called my dad to keep me company! We had branches down too, but luckily no damage either! Next time I'll call you :) Glad y'all are safe and sound today.


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