Sammy Can Bow

Sammy, my amazing and oh so talented dog, has learned to bow! I am so proud! For the past few days, every time that she has stretched (stretches her body downward, paws forward, bottom up), I have said, "Good bow!" ...hoping she would eventually catch on. I think this started on Friday or Saturday. So then today, only 4 days later, I asked her to bow and she did it!!! I did a little dance and sang a little song! I was so excited! My calm, assertive energy left me, and she started freaking out too, bouncing around the house and barking. Caesar would not have approved. But who cares! My dog can bow!

Since this morning, she has bowed correctly for me about 60% of the time. We're still in progress, but we're well on our way! It's difficult to get her to stay like that long enough for a picture, but I'll keep trying and hopefully get one posted.

Thanks, Rockin' Rory, for the inspiration! Check out this video of the Amazing Rockin' Rory. And then watch America's Got Talent tonight to see him. (Sammy and I are still working on the frisbee.)


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