A Double Dose of Frugal Friday

Two frugal tips for the day:

1. Use your public library. This concept may sound foreign or too frugal for you, but really, why buy books that you know you'll only read once? I actually borrowed the 2nd Twilight book from the library over the Christmas holiday. I've borrowed one recently by Caesar Milan on dog training also. Plus, it's helpful for school books, which I definitely won't read again.
And a bonus: Rent movies from the library! Yes, the library has an awesome collection of movies - new releases as well. I have found they are quick to get the new releases. You may have to wait a few weeks to get the movie, but I have found that most of the time when I request the movie I don't have time immediately to watch it anyway. And if I do, I can find other great movies from the library to entertain me in the meantime.
By the way, books and movies are FREE from the library. Just go get a library card!

2. Have you heard of Paper Source? They have one in our mall. Fairly new... maybe a year old? Anyways they have awesome crafting supplies. I actually intend to make a few gifts from the items they have available. Their specialty though is stationary. I went in there with a gift card intending to get stationary ordered with my name on it. But even with a gift card, I just felt like the price for even 10 cards was ridiculous. But as a browsed the store, I realized that they have everything available to you (intentionally) for you to make your own stationary. Stamps, ink, cute cards, envelopes, ribbons, etc. Super cute! Anyway, that's what I did. And I like it a lot better than stationary with my name on it.
The stamps allow me to make them fresh-looking, with a full coat of ink, or vintage-y, with a not-so-full layer of ink. And as you can see, I have both blue and red envelopes. And for the cards, I just used postcard sized white cardstock. Then I got the cute bird stamp, as well as both an "a" and a "b" (Ashleigh & Brendon). Sometimes I do the "a" alone too.
Needless to say, I love this idea and will definitely do it again.


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